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Interview: Tammy Wang, VP of Data Science and Engineering at Riviera Partners

[2019.11.13, Wed 19:03] I recently caught up with Tammy Wang, VP of Data Science and Engineering at Riviera Partners to discuss her company's partnering with the University of Virginia Economics department to build an AI-powered application that can help people successfully navigate STEM career paths, with a focus on developing a long-term career trajectory in tech. Riviera Partners is a leading executive placement firm that matches top engineering and product talent with tech innovators. Tammy Wang: I lead the data science team at Riviera Partners, a retained search firm specializing in placements of executive leadership in engineering, product, and design, and we have a front row view of how skewed supply and demand are in tech recruiting. There is a notable talent shortage in tech, and qualified candidates in software engineering or data science can walk away with multiple offers within a few weeks with large compensation packages. For people who fall within demographic groups that don't already have a big foothold in tech, they often lack access to a tech community and mentor network. Tammy Wang: One big cause of the gap comes from the fact that many tech hiring managers are only tapping into a small slice of the overall population, which leaves them scrambling for talent. Robust, clean, voluminous historical and real time data can point hiring teams to unexpected candidates who don't come from a traditional tech background, but who have all the right qualities, traits and talent to succeed as a technology leader.
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