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India is embracing technology at a very fast pace: Patricia Florissi, VP, Dell Technologies | Interview

[2019.11.13, Wed 19:03] India is not just another market, it is the most important part of Dell Technologies' journey, remarks Patricia Florissi, the company vice-president and global CTO - sales. India is embracing technology at a very, very fast pace. Dell Technologies is not only a technology company, we are much more than that. Dell Digital is driving Dell's digital transformation with the resources, tools, and technology that power Dell's customer-first platforms, operational excellence, and team member experiences. With science, technology, engineering and math being one of the key focus areas for majority of technology companies, how is Dell differentiating itself in its outreach? Dell Technologies is collaborating with many universities to help the cause of STEM. We work very closely with them to make sure that they are aware of what we do. We have multiple programmes, where students are exposed to Dell Technologies early in the process to nurture their mind and create a mind-set towards technology.
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