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Facebook now detects 80% of hate speech proactively

[2019.11.13, Wed 18:05] On Instagram, 835,000 pieces of content were removed in Q2 2019, of which 77.8% were detected proactively, and about 845,000 pieces of content were removed in Q3 2019, of which 79.1% of which were detected proactively. Separately, Facebook said improvements to its internal child nudity and exploitation database enabled it to better detect and remove instances of content shared both on Facebook and Instagram. In Q3 2019, it removed roughly 4.4 million pieces of drug sale content, of which 97.6% it detected proactively - an increase from Q1 2019 when it removed about 841,000 pieces of drug sale content. On Instagram in Q3 2019, Facebook says it removed about 1.5 million pieces of drug sale content, of which 95.3% it detected proactively. Facebook also said it made gains in hate speech content detection and removal, thanks in part to improved text and image matching techniques and machine-learning classifiers trained on thousands to millions of data samples. Facebook says that with the continued evolution of its detection systems, its proactive detection rate for hate speech has climbed to 80%, from 68% in its last report, coinciding with an increase in the portion of content it finds and removes across 40 languages. "Our XLM method enables us to better understand concepts like hate speech across languages [and we use] Whole Post Integrity Embeddings, a pretrained universal representation of content for integrity problems [that] works by understanding content across modalities, violation types, and even time. Our latest version is trained on more violations, with greatly increased training data."
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