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GitHub launches iOS app, Android app coming in 2020

[2019.11.13, Wed 18:05] Popular project collaboration tool GitHub today announced a range of upgrades for programmers and developers working together including the launch of a GitHub mobile app for iOS smartphones and iPads. An Android app will be released in early 2020, GitHub VP of engineering Dana Lawson told VentureBeat. GitHub on mobile devices will allow users to receive notifications from open-source or private projects underway, merge pull requests, file a new issue or add code to repositories. GitHub Actions for managing and adopting effective workflows, and Packages, a packages management registry, are now generally available. GitHub introduced Actions at GitHub Universe last year and shared plans to make Actions generally available this summer together with continuous integration support. "This is where the platform that you're hoping this will expand in the future, either in Bradford and depth, and it'll be, it's the way I phrase this to folks outside of GitHub is that this is the starting point for all future GitHub platform initiatives, whether that be on the code-to-cloud pipeline or security features, or even possibly the future of AI and ML-type workloads," GitHub SVP of engineering Jason Warner told VentureBeat in a phone interview. A revamped notifications experience is also coming to the GitHub client that's meant to help developers quickly address.
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