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Hold your horses: Electric cars won't go mainstream, Honda says

[2019.11.13, Wed 18:05] Honda's first purpose-designed electric car, the adorable-looking E, made its debut during the 2019 Frankfurt Auto Show. That doesn't mean Honda is about to open the electric car floodgates, though. "The hurdles to battery electric vehicles and complete autonomous driving are still quite high," he added. While Hachigo acknowledged the need to make cleaner cars, he explained Honda will focus on gasoline-electric hybrid systems to reduce its fleetwide emissions. The technology is seen by some as a compromise, but it's a good one because it reduces fuel consumption without the range limitations and long charging times associated with many electric cars. The executive opined that regulations, not demand, is driving electric car sales. In Europe, it pledged to sell only electric and hybrid cars by 2022.
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