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How Cruise builds digital maps for its self-driving cars

[2019.11.13, Wed 18:05] General Motors-owned Cruise believes the key to making its cars better drivers is by creating better digital maps to guide them. Some companies buy maps from third-party suppliers, but Cruise chose to develop all of its maps in-house. This gives Cruise complete control, and makes it easier to keep the maps up to date and implement changes, Erin Antcliffe, Cruise's senior project manager for mapping, wrote in a blog post. Self-driving cars use maps for the same reason humans do - to figure out where they are. Without going into much detail, Antcliffe said Cruise has the ability to quickly update its maps to account for changes such as construction or the addition of new bike lanes. Cruise believes better maps will give it an advantage in the race to commercialize self-driving cars, but those plans recently hit a roadblock. Cruise parent GM initially wanted to launch a pilot ridesharing service in 2019, but Cruise has said it cannot meet that deadline.
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