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Smart home changes the life of Marine who lost leg during service

[2019.11.13, Wed 18:05] When Marine Corporal Chad Watson came home from war in 2006, he found a different world - not because the world had changed, but because he had. An IED explosion had stolen half of his right leg and left the wounded soldier faced with the challenge of adapting to a new way of life and a prosthetic leg. In recognition of his service, the Gary Sinise Foundation's R.I.S.E program partnered with James Galla, the owner of EOC Audio, to provide Cpl. Watson with a brand new smart home. Cpl. Watson's new smart home is outfitted with a full suite of technology. On top of all of the smart home technology, EOC Audio also provided Panamax power protection for the home. Galla said his company will work with the Watsons to help fine-tune their smart home system so that it meets their needs. The creation of this unique smart home honors Cpl. Watson and provides technology-based solutions that help address lingering mobility issues, but it also gives the Marine and his family a comfortable home to where they can live and relax. While the smart home serves to help everyone, it's even more helpful for disabled individuals because devices in the home can be tuned to meet an assortment of needs.
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