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Piper Launches New STEAM Product Focused on Science and Mathematics

[2019.11.13, Wed 18:03] Piper, an award-winning STEAM education start-up announced today the launch of three new products: Piper Sensor Explorer, an extensive software update for the Piper Computer Kit and the new Piper Protection Plan. The Piper Sensor Explorer for kids eight and above includes three sensors with Piper's unique interactive software for kids to explore real-world science concepts. The new software update, available now for download on the Piper Computer Kit, unlocks entirely new worlds, challenges and adventures in Piper's StoryMode, delivers a new UI graphic overhaul and a first of its kind Component Library, all unique to the Piper experience. "The new Piper Sensor Explorer, and its accompanying feature-rich software update, explores scientific concepts and emphasizes the"S" in STEAM by allowing kids to collect data, explore scientific concepts and practice design thinking by creating their own devices. The new software has three new worlds in Piper's StoryMode, the Raspberry Pi edition of Minecraft, that explain Sensor Explorer through game-based play, three new PiperCode projects and the Component Library. Piper Component Library: First of its kind, the perfect amount of explanation and inspiration, takes creation to new heights. Access a reference library of user-friendly descriptions for use in new projects and creations and seamlessly extend the Piper experience.
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