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Freshworks nabs $150 million to bring cloud and automation tools to customer engagement teams

[2019.11.13, Wed 17:05] Freshworks, a company that provides customer service software and automation tools for businesses, has confirmed that it's raising $150 million in a series H round of funding co-led by Alphabet's CapitalG, Sequioa Capital, and Accel. "Since Freshworks' founding, we have been at the forefront of democratizing software for the entire organization - and we're continuing that tradition by using the most advanced cloud technologies to ensure that software delivers for the entire organization and puts the 'customer' back into CRM," said Freshworks CEO and founder Girish Mathrubootham. As with just about every industry, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation are infiltrating the customer engagement sphere in a big way. Just yesterday, Google announced a major upgrade for CallJoy, an automated telephone-based customer service agent, while countless startups continue to raise big bucks to develop AI for customer support teams. Freshworks AI, or "Freddy" as its known, serves up predictive insights and helps automate repetitive tasks for customer service, sales, and marketing teams. With another $150 million in the bank, Freshworks said it plans to accelerate its global expansion and invest in its integrated software-as-a-service platform. Freshworks has already made moves on that front - back in May it snapped up customer service management software company Natero, which leverages machine learning to help businesses predict and prevent customer churn.
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