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Robot overlords? More like co-verlords. The future is human-robot collaboration

[2019.11.13, Wed 17:05] While there are certainly jobs that robots will take from humans, there are plenty of other jobs in which robots working alongside humans could greatly increase human productivity. Recently, researchers at the U.K.'s University of Bristol showcased a new handheld robot which can be used to carry out tasks remotely by guiding a robotic arm in another location. "The robot allows for diagnosis and physical interaction. Remote maintenance is of particular interest as, with the growth of technological complexity, there is an increasing demand of expertise for occurring problems. Remote task solving cuts travelling times and allows accessing expert knowledge much more efficiently." As Mark Toland, CEO of Corindus, the company which developed the robot used in the procedure, told me: "The goal is that one day physicians will be able to use robotics to remotely treat patients suffering from a stroke, who currently don't have access to treatment. Access to care for emergent procedures such as stroke is one of, if not the biggest, unmet needs in healthcare today - even in the U.S.". Telepresence robots are increasingly widely used for a variety of applications, whether it's allowing unwell students to virtually attend classes or for citizen science projects such as guiding a trash pickup robot in the Chicago River. Easy-to-use collaborative robotic systems, allowing human and robot workers to share their skill sets, are just now entering the marketplace. They're combining the benefits of robots with the benefits of human experts.
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