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The Enterprise Technology Behind Big Business Decisions

[2019.11.13, Wed 17:03] The science of mapping and understanding patterns critical to business and government is powered by a geographic information system, or GIS. Executives and leaders rely on GIS technology to deliver location intelligence-data visualization and analytics for insight, decision-making, and prediction. On November 13, we celebrate GIS Day when GIS users share their smart maps and analysis with the larger community. Rather than relying on one-dimensional spreadsheets and text-based explanations, GIS empowers visual storytelling through maps. Since nearly everyone is comfortable using maps, GIS is effective in conveying complex data to large, diverse groups such as stakeholders, customers, and staff. To facilitate more responsible disbursement of pain medications, the health community is using GIS to map opioid prescription sales in every US county. The company's marketing executives use GIS technology to understand population demographics and target outreach efforts. These efforts fueled a quantitative revolution in the world of geographic science and laid the groundwork for GIS. Esri founders Jack and Laura Dangermond were among this early group of GIS developers.
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