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Volvo's prototype autonomous bus drives itself around depots

[2019.11.13, Wed 16:05] Volvo has demonstrated yet another potential use case for autonomous transport, after its Volvo Buses subsidiary showcased a self-driving bus that's capable of transporting itself around depots. "This marks a very important step in our autonomous journey, as we now have successfully shown the commercial benefits an autonomous solution can deliver in a bus depot," noted Volvo Buses president HÃ¥kan Agnevall. OppCharge, for example, enables vehicles such as Volvo's bus to maneuver itself into a charging position without having to mess around with cables. Volvo has carried out a number of autonomous bus demonstrations before, but this latest one, which took place at a Keolis' depot outside of Gothenburg, was among the first to take place in a real bus depot. The bus isn't ready for prime time quite yet, and neither Volvo nor Keolis has indicated when it might be rolled out to working depots permanently. "We are still many years away from seeing fully autonomous buses on public roads, but since bus depots are confined areas with predictable and repetitive traffic flows, we see autonomous buses being used there much sooner," Agnevall added. "Working together with Keolis has given us this unique opportunity to test an autonomous bus in real conditions and will help us drive the development of autonomous solutions forward."
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