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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 price crashes as THIS Black Friday sale rocks retailers

[2019.11.13, Wed 16:05] The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is one of the absolute best phones of 2019, which is why this Black Friday deal from respected UK mobile retailer fonehouse is very much welcome, as it allows phone enthusiasts to land the phone for cheap. How cheap? The fonehouse Note 10 deal, which is part of its official Black Friday sale, bags you the hot handset for nothing up-front, and then for £46 per month over a 24-month period, with that price also including a data-stuffed, unlimited minutes and texts SIM plan from EE. T3 gave the Note 10 a maximum score of 5 stars on review, and rate the phone massively, while EE has made a name for itself as a reliable network with excellent coverage and connection speeds. You get the handset for nothing up-front, and with free delivery, along with a 24-month SIM plan that delivers a huge 75GB of data, as well as unlimited minutes and texts, for £46 per month. This deal is also protected by fonehouse's Black Friday price promise, meaning that if you find a cheaper deal on the package then fonehouse will refund you the difference. We're big fans of this deal, too, as the SIM plan includes many of EE's best features, including European roaming, free BT Sport for three months, six months free of Apple Music, six months free of MTV Play and completely free tethering. Like the idea of the Note 10, or large amounts of data on your SIM each month, but would prefer to buy them seperately? Well, be sure to check out today's very best prices on the Note 10, as well as available SIM only deals, in the comparison charts below.
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