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Opinion: Silicon Valley schools still lacking robust computer science curriculum

[2019.11.13, Wed 15:03] Over the past two years, California has laid the foundation for a robust K-12 computer science education for California students. Despite this progress, the adoption of computer science curriculum and courses remains voluntary for schools. A robust K-12 CS education available to all students will help them successfully navigate complex problems and contribute meaningfully to society. Some elementary schools utilize complementary resources from nonprofits like, but these opportunities are limited in time, availability, and access. As Santa Clara County Office of Education Superintendent of Schools Mary Ann Dewan observes: "There is not enough opportunity for students or teachers to learn and explore CS.". SCCOE provided a two-day teacher training on computer science and computational thinking and established a Computer Science Community of Practice. Is the director of tech and education policy for the Silicon Valley Leadership Group.
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