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Liqid raises $28 million for adaptive resource management in datacenters

[2019.11.13, Wed 14:05] Liqid has raised $28 million for adaptive resource management to improve round-the-clock utilization of computers in datacenters. Liqid recently doubled quarter-over-quarter revenue, with record profit and a record number of customers and deployments of its comprehensive composable infrastructure solutions. The funding enables Liqid to address the needs of an expanding number of industry segments that benefit from software-defined adaptive architectures. "Liqid brings a fresh, critical perspective to the old problem of datacenter resource inefficiency, delivering a powerful, adaptive platform to dramatically increase resource utilization and reduce operational footprints and associated costs," said Stephen George, managing partner at Panorama Point Partners, in a statement. Liqid pioneered "Fabric-based composable infrastructure solutions" to deliver a comprehensive platform. "As traditional computing environments falter under the demands of AI-centric, dynamic applications driving economic expansion, Liqid's innovation in composable infrastructure provides a comprehensive platform to optimize and efficiently architect datacenters to address the evolving requirements of a data-rich world," said Liqid CEO Sumit Puri in a statement. "We are grateful to Panorama Point Partners and all our investors, customers, and partners for believing in the Liqid platform's ability to deliver the foundation for an adaptive and agile datacenter to meet the rapidly evolving IT challenges of businesses across industry verticals."
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