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App Annie: 5 predictions for mobile app and gaming success in 2020

[2019.11.13, Wed 14:05] App Annie collects a lot of data on mobile devices, apps, and games. Here's the five predictions for 2020 that App Annie believes will help moble app and game publishers and developers. As spending on mobile now accounts for over 50% of all gaming revenue in the global games market, subscriptions will drive deeper engagement and greater customer lifetime value. Regardless of initial performance, these subscription services will play key roles in long-term mobile gaming strategy - providing the opportunity to further strengthen the broader mobile gaming ecosystem. App Annie expects 5G's true potential to be initially legitimized by game publishers and gamers - the early adopters of the mobile economy - before expanding to support industrial applications like agriculture and logistics through the development of driverless cars and connected devices or the internet of things. Progressive web apps are mobile websites that look and feel like apps - ensuring a smooth user experience - without requiring users to immediately take the extra step of downloading an app. This is particularly valuable where connectivity is poor and in developing markets where App Annie sees the lite version of an app has similar levels of popularity as the full one.
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