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Vodafone Smart V10 review: one of the best ultra-budget phones you can buy

[2019.11.13, Wed 14:05] There's no shortage of cheap and affordable phones out there, but is it possible to go ultra-budget without making too many compromises in terms of what you need from a phone? At £100 or so, that's the question that the Vodafone Smart V10 tries to answer. Yes, it's an own-brand model from Vodafone and just about the cheapest you're going to be able to pay and still get a phone that can run the usual apps. Just about everything that the Vodafone Smart V10 phone offers can be described as "Impressive, for the price" - but that doesn't necessarily mean that it's going to be the right budget phone for you. For social media posts and the like, the Smart V10 will do just fine, most of the time - but this phone is a long way behind the handsets at the very top of the camera ladder, and low light shots are particularly noisy and dim. One definite plus point is the clean, bloat-free version of Android 9 that's installed on the Smart V10. Okay, it's not the most recent version of Android, but it's close enough, and the phone isn't dragged down by unnecessary apps or visual flourishes that don't make that much of a difference anyway. The Vodafone Smart V10 has its disappointments, but it's also fair to say that you're not going to do better at this price - so if you only have a fixed amount of money to spend, and you can't go any higher, then this could well be the phone for you. If you're going to compare phones only against other handsets in the same price bracket, then the Vodafone Smart V10 is definitely at the front of a fairly small field.
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