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How Will The Recent Rash Of Tech IPOs Affect Landing Your Next Big Technology Leader?

[2019.11.13, Wed 14:03] Landing the right technology leader is more essential than it has ever been. That can be tricky when the technology market itself is producing a series of IPOs or other significant liquidity events that keep talented tech leaders in place. If there isn't much evidence of meaningful value creation, that tech leader may not be as valuable as their post-IPO badge suggests. A post-IPO tech leader may not be the best candidate for early company phases. If a tech leader has built a product that is compelling enough in the marketplace that its value is validated through a public market exit, they have most likely been rewarded with outsized economics. The bottom line: Landing the right tech leader who is willing and able to make the contribution that your organization needs at its current stage is both an art and deep science. Tomorrow's prominent tech leaders may be the ones who seem less obvious, but who have the talent, drive, ingenuity, lineage and desire to create the next big win.
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