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Where do emojis come from? How the firecracker exploded onto emoji keyboards

[2019.11.13, Wed 12:05] Where do emojis come from? Who determines why there's a peach but no grapefruit, or why there are same-sex families, but no big families? For Lin, creating emojis to fill the cultural gap seemed a logical next step. Facemoji is a predictive, A.I.-based emoji app that's also loved for its ability to create emoji combinations, with 100 million installs. Lin explains, anyone can create and submit a proposal for a new emoji. The toughest part of the process, Lin says, was convincing the Unicode Consortium that the emojis belong among the thousands of others. To get an emoji approved, the team had to convince the Consortium that the firecracker, red gift envelope, and moon cake were iconic enough to become part of the emoji family. For Lin, the Unicode approval for the emojis wasn't about writing a faster text message, but about communication, diversity, and inclusion.
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