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CDC says it's finally found a cause of the vaping illness that's killed dozens

[2019.11.08, Fri 20:05] Investigators found Vitamin E acetate in the lung fluids of 29 people who reported getting sick from vaping, the Centers for Disease Control said Friday. The oil was found at the "Primary site of injury" of these patients, CDC principal deputy director Anne Schuchat told reporters in a Friday news conference. While Vitamin E acetate has long been suspected as the likely culprit, Friday's announcement is the first time the CDC has acknowledged publicly that it was such. The results from the 29 patients where Vitamin E acetate was found include both those that have gotten sick and recovered, and those that had died. Vitamin E acetate is found in both foods and cosmetic products, especially topical creams. Investigations over the past few months found that illicit cannabis cartridge makers were using the oil as a cutting agent or additive to fill up cartridges on the black market. In some cases, the oils were found to make up the majority of the oil in those cartridges.
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