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Microsoft has entered the RPA market — what does that mean?

[2019.11.08, Fri 17:05] Microsoft officially entered the robotic process automation marketplace this week with some major changes to its Power Platform. The old adage about Microsoft is that it always takes them until version three of a product to deliver something usable. When the first real challenge to Windows appeared in the form of web browsers as a new model for application development, it again took Microsoft three tries to get Internet Explorer to a place where it really added value to the still emerging "Dot com" market. Microsoft has taken its existing Flow product and added the open source tool Selenium and a desktop macro recorder - and called the bundle RPA. As with early versions of Internet Explorer it can do some of what more mature products can do, but it lacks enterprise management and security features that have now become standard in products provided by UIPath, Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism, and others. Microsoft will benefit from engaging with the market and learning more about what customers require in this category. For those companies that don't get sidetracked by marketing materials, there is an opportunity to enjoy substantial business benefits by more quickly developing robust RPA programs adopting other industry leading products while Microsoft slowly moves toward magical version 3. Welcome to the RPA fray, Microsoft! And good luck.
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