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Former GM factory will get new lease on life building electric trucks

[2019.11.08, Fri 17:05] An Ohio factory cast aside by General Motors in a recent round of cutbacks will be resurrected to build electric trucks. The GM factory in Lordstown, Ohio, has been acquired by Lordstown Motors Corporation, a new startup formed specifically to save the factory for truck production. LMC plans to launch an electric pickup truck called the Endurance in late 2020, but little else is known about the project. LMC has close ties to Ohio-based Workhorse Group, which previously tried to buy the Lordstown factory from GM. Workhorse founder Steve Burns is LMC's CEO, and the startup will license technology for its truck from Workhorse. Workhorse currently builds electric delivery vans that can be paired with drones, and also developed a small electric aircraft called the SureFly, which was later spun off into a separate business. The Endurance will be powered by four electric motors - one mounted in each wheel hub. Other companies are planning electric trucks as well.
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