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Audi's tail-wagging rear-wheel-drive R8 will play an encore in 2020

[2019.11.08, Fri 16:05] Audi has transformed the limited-edition R8 RWS it unveiled in 2017 into a regular production model. The rear-wheel-drive, V10-powered supercar has only been announced for the European market, but Digital Trends learned from the German company that seeing it next to the all-wheel-drive model in American showrooms isn't out of the question. The model won't get a V8, and it's certainly not about to receive a humble V6. Enthusiasts who want a new R8 without spending $170,000 now have access to the V10 RWD model. It's closely related to the aforementioned RWS that Audi made 999 units of, meaning power comes from a detuned version of the regular R8's naturally aspirated, 5.2-liter V10 engine. Going from all- to rear-wheel drive means Audi sent the driveshaft and the front differential it's linked to back to the parts bin, saving 143 pounds. Made largely by hand, the Audi R8 V10 RWD will arrive in European showrooms in 2020. Cadillac's 2020 CT4 small sedan starts at $33,990, sporty V model tops $40,000.
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