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Microsoft HoloLens 2 hands-on review: The future on your face

[2019.11.08, Fri 15:05] Originally announced at Mobile World Congress, the second generation headset is officially available for customers to purchase starting at $3,500. Microsoft put a lot of thought into it, primarily in three distinct ways: Ergonomics, Immersion, and what Microsoft calls "Time to Value." The headset can even map your hands and create a 3D model in the real world. A near-exact 3D version of my hands temporarily appeared in the virtual world and the headset begun tracking my movements so that the bird followed my every move. I held out my hands and it followed me through the room. The boundaries between the physical and digital world completely disappeared. I saw demos of how you can build creations in the real world and place them in the room as life-sized objects.
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