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Navrattan Group's technology driven projects spread across India

[2019.11.08, Fri 13:03] Himansh Verma, chairman of Navrattan Group, is a good example thanks to his rapidly growing technological projects. Verma has acquired 60 IPRs, which are spread over various industries. Navrattan Green Crete is an eco-accommodating concrete variant that does not pollute the environment and has higher compressive and tensile strength as compared to OPC. This Green Crete is waterproof and fire-resistant. SUNSUL Technology generates 100% clean and green energy, 24x7. The composite E-Bus is a revolutionary technology in the transportation sector. The group endeavours to serve a significant number of average citizens and its extensive exhibit of verticals has augmented the approaches to accomplish cultural advantage and consumer loyalty. The group accepts that quality and trust is the foundation of the organization culture, and the whole business actives are focused on this methodology. The Navrattan Group rises above regular hindrances of business since they accept that they must encourage comprehensive development.
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