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Application Of Science, Technology Will Boost Economic Growth – Minister

[2019.11.08, Fri 12:03] The Minister of State for Science and Technology, Mohammed Abdullahi, has said that the application of Science and Technology will help accelerate economic growth through conversion of ideas into values. "He said:"I am pleased to note that a forum of this nature is been organised to fast track the development of Islamic Banking in Nigeria by the introduction of Disruptive Technologies and Innovation''. The Ministry of Science and Technology, he added, has been in the fore front in promoting Science, Technology, Innovation and research development through various initiatives. He further said that Financial Technologies was aimed at transforming businesses thereby making it more attractive for prompt service delivery. "Though we are beginning to learn more about Islamic Crypto Currency E-Dinar, Coin robe, Murabahah Commodity Trading," he added. Abdullahi further said that the adoption of Fintech, offers an opportunity to attract more customers while improving efficiency as well as creating an atmosphere of competitiveness and potential profits. "Bio metric identity applications by use of finger prints, eye scans, or facial recognition has enabled illiterates and semi-illiterate customers to have easy access to their accounts and banking services. he added.He further disclosed that Islamic System of Banking is being embraced and gaining more acceptances in Nigeria as industries has remained unaffected by the global financial meltdown."
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