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Impact Science and Vertigo Ventures Join Hands to Help Research Institutions in the UK Provide More Robust Support for Research Impact

[2019.11.08, Fri 12:03] PRNewswire/ - Impact Science, a division of Cactus Communications that provides end-to-end support for the research impact life cycle, has partnered with Vertigo Ventures, a UK-based company that offers innovative technology solutions for impact measurement, to provide research institutions with services and systematic support for more efficient and productive impact management. While many institutions have improved how they manage impact activities thanks to their experience of navigating through the 2014 Research Excellence Framework, impact managers continue to face challenges in improving the strategy and implementation of impact activities. "This year we did a survey to understand the evolution of impact support in UK universities and from our discussions with impact managers, we found that many institutions face challenges because of the lack of manpower, time, and resources and seek professional support to fill these gaps," said Dr Iain Coleman. Impact Science, on the other hand, provides tailor-made consultancy support throughout the research project's impact life cycle: creating a pathway to impact, communicating research outcomes, capturing evidence of impact, engaging with beneficiaries, and writing and editing impact case studies. Founder and CEO of VV. "In the last ten years since VV was founded in 2009, we have worked closely with leading institutions to build their internal capability for impact reporting, particularly to capture high quality impact data. Today, our customers are under increasing pressure to demonstrate what difference they are making, beyond academia, in order to access funding from government and charitable funders. Impact Science's expertise in impact life cycle management and their extensive knowledge on research subject areas will help us provide our customers with in-depth support." Founded in 2019, Impact Science provides research institutions tailor-made consultancy and implementation support throughout the research project's impact life cycle. Impact Science is part of Cactus Communications, a global scientific communications company that collaborates with researchers across academic disciplines, universities, publishers, societies, and life science organisations to accelerate research impact.
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