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Samsung Galaxy S11 could have this cool Huawei P30 Pro feature included in its camera

[2019.11.08, Fri 07:05] Another day, another Samsung Galaxy S11 rumour, this one around the S11's upcoming camera system. Leaksters LetsGoDigital have found a European trademark application from Samsung called "Space Zoom". Designed to be included in future smartphones, the trademark relates to software designed to help the camera zoom into high-quality images without losing quality, going beyond the lens' physical capabilities. It's grabbing details from multiple images simultaneously - some far away, and some zoomed in - and combining them to create a better photo. Huawei has previously used hybrid zoom technology on several of its most recent products over the last year, as has Oppo Reno 10X Zoom. Whereas traditional bulky zoom lenses would simply not work on a smartphone, hybrid zoom allows smartphone users to replicate the effect. Whether hybrid zoom will be ready in time for the S11's launch date is another matter altogether.
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