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The Guardian partners ministry to showcase science to world

[2019.11.08, Fri 07:03] The Guardian Group has partnered with the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology to showcase the ministry's giant strides and project the current administration's Next Level agenda to the world. He urged the minister to take advantage of the various channels available in The Guardian to let the world know what the ministry had done over the years through special projects and advertisements. "While we are helping you to achieve your purpose to make the world know what you are doing, we will also be benefiting in a way because we are in business, and we need people's support to survive." The Abuja Bureau Chief of the newspaper, Igho Akeregha, noted that The Guardian sees the ministry as a critical partner not only for Nigeria particularly in the life of this administration to drive its vision for the Next Level but also to develop the nations through agriculture, local production, and technology. "We can spotlight specific activities of the ministry that the world must know because as it is now, the news is no longer localised. Once it is put in the newspaper and spread on multimedia platforms, the rest of the world gets to know about it," he added. Abdullahi hinted that the ministry was making far-reaching research in ensuring that science and technology were commercialised to create jobs, better the living of the people and impact the economy positively. "We need The Guardian at this critical moment of our history to begin to beam its searchlight on what we do as a ministry in terms of innovation, in terms of our findings in research and how we can translate them into value for the people," he said.
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