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New book series on current and future developments in food science

[2019.11.08, Fri 06:03] Advances in the Determination of Xenobiotics in Foods is the first volume of the new book series, Current and Future Developments in Food Science. This inaugural volume explains recent developments in the field of xenobiotic determination in food. Readers are introduced to xenobiotic testing techniques through extensive reviews. Chapters also cover details about contaminants coming from food contact materials, substances used for food processing and sensing, and residues of pesticides. The book also includes information about specific xenobiotics that, due to their global distribution in the environment, are also likely to enter the food chain. Some xenobiotics could be present in the final food consumed because of food treatments. The combination of extensive information of analytical techniques for xenobiotics along with a categorical treatment of food contaminants makes this volume a useful reference for food science and technology students and technicians involved in food safety and processing management roles.
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