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IBM's DRAM inventor Bob Dennard gets chip industry's highest honor

[2019.11.08, Fri 05:05] If you're using anything electronic, from a smartphone to a laptop, you're using Robert Dennard's fundamental invention: the single-cell dynamic random access memory chip. Back in 1956, working for IBM, Dennard invented DRAM, a kind of semiconductor memory that stores data while the power is turned on. When you turn on your PC, the operating system software loads into DRAM. And so it's appropriate that the chip industry is recognizing Dennard, now an IBM Fellow Emeritus, with its highest honor: The Robert N. Noyce Award, itself named after Intel's first CEO. Dennard was awarded the honor at the annual dinner for the Semiconductor Industry Association in San Jose, California. John Kelly, executive vice president and director of IBM Research, talked about Dennard's accomplishments at the dinner. "Bob Dennard has two incredible achievements that have driven our industry." Bijan Davari, IBM Fellow and vice president of research, said in an interview with VentureBeat that he was lucky enough to be mentored by Dennard over the years. In some ways, Dennard's intellect was intimidating, but Davari said that Dennard welcomed those who could contribute fresh ideas to the advancement of technology.
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