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Elk Grove Police Hope Advancements In DNA, Genealogy Technology Will Crack Cold Case

[2019.11.08, Fri 04:03] ELK GROVE - The Elk Grove Police Department has a hunch that advancements in new genealogy and DNA technology can help find clues in a cold case investigators could not find more than eight years ago. "It's time to take a fresh look at this brutal crime that occurred," Elk Grove Police Chief Timothy Albright said. The chief told CBS13 the department is giving the case a fresh look with hopes of possibly finding DNA on existing evidence and using genealogy technology to find a suspect. "Certainly DNA and the advances in DNA processing plays a huge role in law enforcement's ability to solve some of those cold cases," Albright said. Atwal said he's confident a fresh look at his father's case can bring his family long-awaited justice. "Justice will be served and the case will be closed but my father's not gonna come back. No one can. Once you lose it it's gone," Atwal said. Albright said the department will also use public genealogy databases such as to find possible suspects if the department is able to find DNA samples on existing evidence.
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