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Juul discontinues sales of its mint-flavored pods

[2019.11.08, Fri 01:05] Juul is discontinuing its sales of mint Juul pods, citing studies released from different surveys. The company said in an announcement that all sales of mint-flavored Juul pods would cease both online and in stores. A lawsuit was filed against the company by a former employee alleging that batches of Juul's mint e-liquid were found to be contaminated during a March 12 meeting, but that the pods we still shipped to retailers and sold to customers. A Juul spokesperson told Digital Trends that the recent decision to discontinue the Mint Juul pods is not a result of the lawsuit. "We believe strongly in the quality of all our products. In light of the recent surveys, Juul Labs has decided to immediately stop accepting orders from our retail partners for our Mint Juul pods in the U.S. and cease the sale of Mint Juul pods in the U.S. through our e-commerce site," the spokesperson told Digital Trends. Along with the FTC, state attorney generals are looking into whether Juul targets minors with its marketing and flavored e-cigarettes. In June, San Francisco, where Juul is headquartered, became the first city in the U.S. to ban the sales of e-cigarettes.
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