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‘Saudi partnership will boost research in science and technology’

[2019.11.08, Fri 00:03] KUALA LUMPUR: Saudi Arabia has Malaysia on its radar for a strong strategic partnership, and is offering generous research grants to boost collaborations in the field of education as well as research development between both countries. Education Minister Dr Maszlee Malik said the kingdom has invited Malaysian lecturers, professors and researchers to apply for the research grants, especially for science and technology subjects. "Certain universities in Saudi Arabia, especially King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, which is headed by Prof Dr Tony Chan, have huge amounts of research grants." "They welcome researchers as long as they can come up with high-impact research that can be translated into commercial purposes." "We have identified a few areas that we can collaborate with Saudi researchers, including automotive, petrol chemical, renewable energy, aerospace technology and anything to do with digital technology which relates to Industrial Revolution," he said in an interview with The Star. The condition to get the grant is that applicants must be willing to collaborate with their Saudi counterparts, Maszlee said. "Leaders from Muslim countries including Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Turkey and Indonesia will join us in discussing economic and civilisational issues, and how Muslim countries can help each other in those areas," he said.
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