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T-Mobile promises free 5G for first responders if Sprint merger goes through

[2019.11.07, Thu 22:05] T-Mobile really wants to get the public in favor of the merger between it and Sprint. The company announced that if the merger with Sprint goes through, it will offer 10 years of free, unlimited 5G service to first responders. "First responders are under more pressure than ever before. With the 5G network New T-Mobile will create, we can do our part to help say thanks," said T-Mobile CEO John Legere, according to a report from The Verge. "We're talking about connecting every public and nonprofit state and local police fire and EMS agency and every one of their first responders with unlimited talk, text, and smartphone data with the highest network priority." Of course, that money will only be saved if the merger goes through - however, the merger is getting closer and closer to completion. That said, a multi-state coalition of state's attorneys have joined forces in an attempt to block the deal, and both T-Mobile and Sprint have said that the merger won't close until that lawsuit is resolved. A big part of the approval of the merger from the FCC was the fact that T-Mobile and Sprint have promised a large, robust 5G network.
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