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Biomedical Science graduate starts health tech job

[2019.11.07, Thu 20:03] USC Biomedical Science graduate Storm Woolley is applying his studies and technical expertise to a new role in the digital health division of a systems integration and technology company. The Mountain Creek State High School graduate worked as a technician at a Telstra retail outlet while studying his latest degree and previous USC Associate Degree in Medical Laboratory Science. He was one of three Biomedical Science graduates who received academic excellence medals along with their degrees at the recent USC ceremony. He said he had enjoyed the individualised learning environment and convenient location of USC Sunshine Coast. "I'm applying my skills and biomedical knowledge in a lab environment to expand my experience in the field of research," said the Chancellor State College graduate. Vanessa Hooper said she looked forward to applying her skills in health and science to serve the community when she returned from a break next year. The 2015 dux and captain of Burnside State High School graduate received a prestigious Thompson Excellence Scholarship when she enrolled at USC in 2016.
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