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Google launches Skaffold in general availability

[2019.11.07, Thu 19:05] The momentum was a motivating force behind Google's Skaffold, a command line tool that facilitates continuous development for Kubernetes-native apps. "We set out to create a tool to automate these tasks, helping them focus on writing and maintaining code rather than managing the repetitive steps required during the edit-debug-deploy 'inner loop'. From this observation, Skaffold was born." For the uninitiated, Skaffold's central command - skaffold dev - watches local source code for changes and rebuilds and redeploys apps to clusters in real time. Skaffold's dev loop automates tasks like tailing logs from deployed workloads and port-forwarding remote apps to local machines, so that they can be iterated against endpoints. Helpfully, Skaffold fields configuration changes dynamically, which is presumably why Google tapped it to power the debugging features in Cloud Code for IntelliJ and Cloud Code for Visual Studio Code. "Our goal with Skaffold and Cloud Code is to offer industry-leading tools for Kubernetes development, and since Skaffold's inception, we've engaged the broader community to ensure that Skaffold evolves in line with what users want," wrote Kubala and Wolf. "There are some amazing ideas from external contributors that we'd love to see come to fruition, and with the Kubernetes development ecosystem still in a state of flux, we'll prioritize features that will have the most impact on Skaffold's usefulness and usability. We're also working closely with the Cloud Code team to surface Skaffold's capabilities inside your IDE.".
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