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Ring doorbell security flaw opened the door to hackers

[2019.11.07, Thu 19:05] Amazon Ring fixed a security vulnerability in its Ring doorbell that could have potentially allowed hackers to get Wi-Fi passwords and access homeowners' networks. The cybersecurity research company, Bitdefender, exposed the Amazon Ring flaw in a case study. The company found the vulnerability when the Ring doorbell is first configured to a Wi-Fi network. A previous Ring security flaw was found earlier this year that could have allowed hackers to access video and audio from the doorbell, making it easy for a hacker to spy on the homeowner and any other member of their family. The Amazon Ring doorbell has received other criticisms for privacy issues before, namely for its partnerships with police departments. In July, Motherboard reported that Amazon struck up deals with local police departments to encourage people to buy its Ring security products in exchange for free Ring video doorbells and access to a police-focused Ring portal. A Ring spokesperson previously told Digital Trends that Ring partners with law enforcement agencies to make neighborhoods safer and that the partnership allows the community to find out about crime and safety information.
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