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Infiniti bets its future on a hybrid system that has flummoxed other automakers

[2019.11.07, Thu 19:05] Infiniti has said it will offer a hybrid or all-electric powertrain on every model by 2021, but has been short on other details. Now, the Nissan luxury brand has revealed that hybrids will make up the bulk of its electrified lineup, but with a powertrain design that relies more on electric than gasoline power. Future Infiniti hybrids will not have transmissions, and their gasoline engines will be used only as generators. Infiniti did not discuss a plug-in hybrid version of this powertrain, so the gasoline engine will be the only way to charge the battery pack. The powertrain is based on Infiniti parent Nissan's e-Power system, which is already used in small cars for the Japanese market. It's also worth pointing out that Infiniti doesn't plan to use the word "Hybrid." Its press materials use the confusing phrase "Gas-generated EV" instead. Infiniti tested "Hybrid" with American car buyers and it came across as negatively perceived, Eric Rigaux, Infiniti global general manager for product strategy and planning, said in an interview with Green Car Reports. The website reports that Infiniti will launch production versions of three recent concept cars - the Q Inspiration sedan, QX Inspiration SUV, and Qs Inspiration fastback.
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