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Emmy-winning Fable debuts final chapter of Wolves in the Walls VR story

[2019.11.07, Thu 18:05] Fable Studio is releasing the final chapter of its Emmy-Award-winning Wolves in the Walls virtual reality series. During the course of the development of the three-part series, Fable Studio took a new approach to Lucy, the girl who is the main character of the VR series. Over time, Lucy evolved and became more lifelike, and every time Fable saw feedback and experienced the audience's "Moment of delight," the creators went back and "Doubled down on that," he said. The family realizes the mistake of failing to believe Lucy about the wolves. Lucy remembers you, the player, and the things that happened as you interacted in the story. Now Fable is working on Whispers in the Night, which stars Lucy, the same digital character. "We are working on ways to figure out how to bring Lucy outside of VR to multiple platforms and weave her into our daily life more," Billington said.
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