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Google's Teachable Machine 2.0 elucidates the basics of machine learning

[2019.11.07, Thu 17:05] Two years ago, Google launched Teachable Machine, a web experiment intended to elucidate machine learning concepts. Now, Teachable Machine is expanding to incorporate inputs beyond those which it initially supported, including audio. Google says it worked with people across industries with different needs for the tool - like architect Steve Saling, who has amyotrophic lateral sclerosis - to test and shape the new Teachable Machine. Teachable Machine 2.0 can to this end recognize images, sounds, and poses from uploaded files or live mics and webcams. Google says this new version of Teachable Machine was built using its in-house open source TensorFlow machine learning framework, as before. "Our hope is that the new version of Teachable Machine will be a super easy way for anyone to train their machine learning models and use them in their own projects, wherever Tensorflow.js models can be run," wrote Google. Google's not the only one offering free tutorials designed to get intrepid practitioners up to speed on AI and machine learning basics.
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