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[2019.11.07, Thu 17:05] Gg is launching an open beta for its platform that makes it easy for fans to watch esports broadcasts for their favorite teams or personalities. Juked is a guide to the wide world of esports that makes it easy to stay on top of every trending esports match from popular games and teams, featuring support for over 20 esports titles. If you've ever missed an epic moment in esports because you didn't know when to tune in, where to find the broadcast, or why you should care, then Juked is for you, according to the pitch from founders Ben "FishStix" Goldhaber and Chris "ChanManV" Chan. "We want to create essentially the best way to watch esports," said Goldhaber, in our interview. This includes aggregating and indexing every esports broadcasts and related data into one viewing app, so fans can easily stay on top of their favorite games, teams, and players. The Juked beta also features an industry-wide esports events calendar which allows users to set reminders for when individual matches or tournaments go live. The founders started San Francisco-based Juked because they were frustrated by the lack of a good way to follow the biggest leagues, tournaments, and events across the esports industry.
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