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How Technology Is Changing Homeschooling

[2019.11.07, Thu 17:03] More-traditional forms of homeschooling generally entail parents' creating their own curriculum, sometimes with the help of programs such as Sonlight, Seton, or St. Thomas Aquinas Academy, my homeschool alma mater. A variety of technological advances are available to such traditional homeschooling families as well, and plenty of homeschoolers make considerable use of them. Another emerging form is called "Hybrid homeschooling." It aims to take the best parts of traditional school and pair them with the best parts of homeschooling. There are negatives associated with traditional schools - violence and drugs, for instance - that may lead parents to choose homeschooling as a way to control the influences on their children. As those who have experienced any kind of homeschooling know, it can be a difficult lifestyle, regardless of how many children are learning at home. No matter how acclaimed these models and programs are or how state-of-the-art their technology is, none of them will work without one vital component: parents who are invested in the outcome of their children's education. Parents who choose homeschooling should understand that there is much more to it than just signing their children up for online Spanish or letting younger children watch Reading Rainbow.
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