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Amazon takes 50% off the price of the Beats Solo 3 wireless headphones

[2019.10.09, Wed 22:05] When it comes to headphones, Beats by Dr. Dre only got better since the brand was acquired by Apple in 2014. Packs the best features you can get from these two premium brands boasting excellent wireless capabilities, Dr. Dre's signature sound, along with impressive battery life in exchange for $300. If you're taken aback by its hefty price tag, you can get this stylish pair of headphones for half off when you order from Amazon. There is no need to worry if black simply isn't your color as the Beats Solo 3 is available in other colors at varying prices. Apple's proprietary W1 chip fuels the Beats Solo 3 with a battery that can last up to 40 hours. The Beats Solo 3 can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of being an iOS or Android user. Wireless freedom is no less guaranteed with Bluetooth and would yield the same purpose of being able to take calls as well as access to playback. Fans of the low end of the audio spectrum or those particularly attuned to hip-hop and electronic dance music would be right at home as the Beats Solo 3.
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