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BlizzCon seems like a disaster waiting to happen

[2019.10.09, Wed 21:05] BlizzCon is a weekend gathering for Blizzard, its games, and the people who love them and make them. Many Blizzard fans were expecting the company to announce a new PC and console entry Diablo action role-playing series. For angry fans, BlizzCon is a chance to make Blizzard pay. All anyone on the BlizzCon forum on Reddit can talk about is China, Hong Kong, and how to respond to Blizzard. "Blizzard knows what's at stake and they have never been in a worse spot both from the perception of the community and the revenue from their games," Reddit poster Timboron writes. Others are justifying Blizzard's actions in an effort to ensure everyone still wants to go with them to BlizzCon. "In my heart, I think Blizzard did that to keep politics out of gaming, but people are thinking it was a political move. Let's say Blizzard decides to do nothing about the episode. Suddenly, now people would think it's OK to do political manifestation during livestreaming. Would you want that in a hearthstone match? Like someone doing pro-Trump or pro-China in tournaments? I honestly think politics should stay out of gaming."
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