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TikTok should be investigated for censorship, Marco Rubio says

[2019.10.09, Wed 20:05] On Wednesday, Sen. Marco Rubio requested that the US government conduct a formal investigation into whether the popular Chinese video app, TikTok, poses a national security risk by censoring content that upsets leaders in Beijing. "These Chinese-owned apps are increasingly being used to censor content and silence open discussion on topics deemed sensitive by the Chinese Government and Community Party," Rubio claimed in a letter calling on the Treasury Department's Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States to conduct a full review on the potential national security risks posed by TikTok's acquisition of Musical. In 2017, ByteDance, the parent company to TikTok, acquired the popular lip-syncing video app, Musical. TikTok had a growing user base outside of the United States, but ByteDance was able to purchase a sizable American audience through its acquisition of Musical. The two video apps merged together, totaling around 1 billion downloads across the world. In tweets on Wednesday, Rubio also called on the Trump administration "To fully enforce anti-boycott laws that prohibit any US person - including US subsidiaries of Chinese companies from complying with foreign boycotts seeking to coerce US companies to conform with #China's government views." Rubio's call for a review follows a week of retaliation from American fans and consumers toward US-based organizations and companies like the National Basketball Association and game developer Blizzard.
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