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Concrete Genie review — Heartwarming story, beautiful art, but tough controls

[2019.10.09, Wed 17:05] The neighborhood bullies menace Ash and try to destroy his artwork, ripping the pages from his sketchbook and scattering them around town. The bullies' own internal demons cause them to lash out at Ash and the beautiful images he creates. Ash's imagination helps him against the bullies, as the genies he creates come to life and urge him to restore the beauty of the town. Ash is a loner artist who finds solace in creating beautiful, imaginary friends that are the game's genies. In the latter part of the game, Ash has to fight against dark creatures who are manifestations of the inner demons of the bullies. You can help a genie discover a mysterious power through painting and see the art come to life in VR. In Free Paint, you can use PlayStation Move motion controllers to create beautiful landscapes. The game appears to be a simple one of Ash painting the town back to life.
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