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New blockchain-based music streaming service Audius is a copyright nightmare

[2019.10.09, Wed 17:05] New startup Audius says its blockchain-based music streaming service is the solution that finally pays attention to indie artists' needs. Audius' website says "Music platforms were at their best when they listened to what artists and fans wanted - not corporations or major labels" and that uploaded tracks can "Never be censored or removed." TechCrunch called Audius' blockchain move its "Secret sauce," while Yahoo finance said it is "Adequately addressing the most pressing needs within the industry." But one of the most pressing problems in music right now is copyright. The problem is, all of the things Audius says it's solving with the blockchain - a more direct line between fans and artists, discovery, self-monetizing - can be done without the blockchain. Audius is trying to avoid SoundCloud's copyright issues by not hosting the user-uploaded content itself. Experts are skeptical about whether being on the blockchain is enough to protect Audius from washing their hands of bad actors. The easiest way for blockchain to be used with music streaming services is to focus on controlled compositions - that is, songs that are written, owned, and controlled by a single entity. "They don't understand copyright law" There are other problems facing any blockchain-based music streaming service.
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