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Ring's Indoor Cam is an easy add-on to a Ring video doorbell

[2019.10.09, Wed 16:05] After years of making video doorbells and outdoor home security cameras, Ring has finally released a purpose-built camera for inside the walls of your home. If you're already a Ring customer, it's an easy addition to your setup if you're looking for a camera for inside your home that will integrate with the same app and cloud services you're already using. The Indoor Cam can be accessed through the Ring app at any time for a live feed, but it will also record clips when it detects a motion event. Using the Indoor Cam is much like using any other indoor home security camera: you plug it in, set it up on your Wi-Fi network through the Ring app, and then access the video clips and live stream from your phone. If you're already paying for Ring's Protect Plus plan at $10 per month for other Ring cameras, you can add as many Indoor Cams to it as you like for no additional monthly charge. If you already have a Ring video doorbell and perhaps other Ring cameras outside of your home, the Indoor Cam is an easy and cheap way to add monitoring to the interior of your home, and it will integrate with the cloud services you're likely already paying for. If you don't already have a Ring system and are just looking for a simple Wi-Fi-connected camera to put inside your home, then other brands, such as Wyze, offer many of the same features for less than half of the Indoor Cam's price.
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