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Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K review: DP starter kit

[2019.10.09, Wed 15:05] The Pocket Cinema Camera line has become a favorite among indie producers, studios, and DPs, and the latest iteration shoots at a staggering 6K resolution and starts at just $2,500 instead of the tens of thousands of dollars those other cameras command. Blackmagic made waves last year with the 4K version of its Pocket Cinema Camera. The bottom of the camera has the battery door, the tripod mount, and a large opening so the built-in fan can keep the thing from overheating, which is a problem that mirrorless cameras often encounter when shooting long video clips. Selecting Film mode in the dynamic range nets you some very flat, gray-looking footage straight out of the camera. The BMPCC6K's flexibility with colors runs circles around other mirrorless cameras There are a lot of advantages to shooting in 6K. Most likely, you'll be mixing down to 4K for your finished product, right? Well, when you shrink a 6K frame down to 4K, that over-sampling gives it a nice little boost in quality. The 256GB card I was testing the camera with filled up in just over 28 minutes of shooting when I was shooting exclusively at 4K24, Blackmagic RAW 5:1. The camera is really all about the incredible colors.
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